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I'm SVETLANA PARSHINA, welcome to my interiors space!


My work and joy are to create a new kind of objects and dimensions reality for my customers. I'm certain that colours and shapes that surround us, object's backgrounds, variety of surfaces they all influence our perception, mood and the quality of life. Therefore my clients and I - we live through the interior metamorphoses together, bringing to life  the new miracles. Those spaces, those objects with a long history that I love using in my projects are reborn and gain new features  along with their owners.


Working with the space aesthetics and its floor-plan design I never sacrifice the first in the favor of the latter one. I love combining various styles elements, using rich colors for an interior. In the meantime I always listen to my clients, respecting their preferences, wishes and taste. I tend to create the interior that would be an extension of their owner's personality.


In my portfolio I have both private and public interior projects where I solve complicated functional and conceptual tasks. My projects geography goes beyond my home city St. Petersburg, I'm mobile and flexible. I have obtained me design degree in Madrid, Spain at Madrid State University.


I'm thankful for your interest and time. For further enquires or cooperation proposals please contact me via email:


Svetlana Parshina

© 2018 Svetlana Parshina

  • Черный Instagram Иконка
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